Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Introductions

Galdren looked up at the shining ring in the night sky, the portal hanging in its usual place. He was torn. To go to Althera and sell his information to the Archon’s Creed or to head East to Vergis and the Gray Magi. His next steps could change history.

  • Travel to Althera? 44.4%
  • Head to Vergis? 55.6%

With a sigh for the gold he knew he was giving up, Galdren resigned himself to the long trek East to Vergis. How he hated the Magi. Arrogant, every one of them. Still, the need for this information to reach the right ears was paramount. It wouldn’t harm to be sure…

Galdren is a Mancer. Powerful individuals attuned to either the heavens or the lower planes, capable of using light or dark powers. Mancers trap angelic or demonic beings and use their powers to their own ends. Time to recharge his Phylactery and ask some questions.

  • Attuned to the Heavens 50%
  • Attuned to the Hells 50%

Galdren took out two pendants from inside his coat. One a black onyx and the other a clear quarts. Both vibrated at his touch, waiting the summons. Rare for a Mancer, Galdren had some skill with both upper and lower planes, though limited compared to his brothers & sisters.

But which of the Phylactery should he call upon for advice? The black holds a creature of the abyss. The clear, an angelic being of goodness and light. Once used the creature would be returned to its plane or destroyed in the task.

  • Seek advice from Angels 33.3%
  • Commune with a Demon 66.7%
  • Save both for later 0%

He let the quartz stone drop to his chest & lifted the other to his forehead. “Redagex come forth” he commanded. His irises turned blood red & a mist appeared at his feet. A tiny rat-faced imp appeared, terrified of its captor, compelled to answer his questions. The wind howled.

Selayne knelt in front of the melon-sized stone with a smile on her face. Finally it was going to hatch! The egg was gifted to her a month ago by her aunt on her 15th birthday. Her grin split her face as the crack split the rock. She couldn’t wait to meet her new pet!

  • A red crystal dog 16.7%
  • A blue crystal cat 33.3%
  • A black crystal lizard 16.7%
  • A gold crystal spider 33.3%

A crystalline claw pawed it’s way out of the broadening gap in the stone. In moments a beautiful blue crystal cat looked up into Selayne’s face, head tilted to the side expectantly. Her full concentration on the kitten, she didn’t spot the small golden spider climbing up the wall

Selayne lifted the kitten joyously, delight on her face, hugging it tight to her chest. It purred but with a sound more akin to the tinkling of glass. Her attention on the cat, Selayne missed the spider sliding down to her neck on a thread of gold.

  • She’s bitten 0%
  • She’s not bitten 100%

The spider landed lightly on her shoulder, startling her. The shock quickly subsided as she realised with delight that it was also made of crystal. “Oh aren’t you beautiful!” She chimed. She placed her hand out to let her new pet step lightly onto her palm, the cat still purring.

The lady quickly stepped out of the alley way, looking quickly left and right. No sign of anybody else in the dimming light in this part of town. She was tall, wrapped tightly in a hooded cloak, her face covered in shadow. She raised her hand, palm forward. A portal spun open:

  • to a distant land 10%
  • to a large cave 0%
  • to a library 90%

The Librarian strode quickly through into a dimly-lit room filled floor to ceiling with books. The portal closed with a scraping sound and she let out a breath she hadn’t realised she was holding. The lights flared brighter with her presence.

Walking briskly through the book stacks the Librarian entered a smaller study. She pulled back her hood and opened her cloak, removing her prize from underneath her arm and placing it on her desk.

  • A pocket-sized book 0%
  • A small bronze chest 33.3%
  • A thin rod of ivory 0%
  • A black smooth disc 66.7%

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