Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: The Gray Magi

Many weeks passed as Galdren made his way cross-country to Vergis. He stood looking at the gate of the Keep, home of the Gray Magi. He knew that he’d better prepare before entering into that particular nest so began drawing a summoning circle in the dirt before him.

  • Prepare a Healing spell 43.8%
  • Prepare a Fireball spell 56.3%

He took his black Phylactery and placed it in the centre of his summoning circle, attuning himself to the Lower Planes. In moments he captured the echo of a minor denizen, twisting it to his will. It appeared in the circle just a moment before collapsing into the amulet.

The charm was hot to the touch but he placed it back around his neck. The information he carried must be placed into the hands of Barton, one of the Nine on the Council. He’d most likely be in one of the upper apartments. To present himself at the gate or to sneak inside…

  • Knock the front gate 71.4%
  • Enter by stealth 28.6%

Galdren approached the large metal-bound doors to the keep slowly, knowing there would be eyes watching him. He thumped the door three times with his clenched fist, waiting some minutes before a hatch opened from which an acolyte demanded his business with the Gray Magi.

I request an audience with Barton’ he spoke confidently. Galdren needed to quickly decide how open he should be with this acolyte.

  • His visit is social 25%
  • He carries vital messages 75%

“I carry a message of the utmost importance.” The door swung inwards on oiled hinges.

“Please, enter and wait” said the acolyte with a curious look. “I will announce you to the Nine”.

Galdren took a seat on a hard wooden bench in the dim hallway. Twenty minutes passed.

Another Acolyte approached, a young woman in grey robes. “Come” she bade, and walked down the corridor. He followed up some stairs, deeper into the Keep, stopping at a door which opened into a well furnished chamber with two of the Nine present. Neither was Barton.

  • Demand to see Barton 50%
  • Ask politely for Barton 25%
  • Deliver the message 25%

“What is the meaning of this?” demanded Galdren. “I have an urgent and private missive for Barton. Where is he?”

The grey robed elder to the left looked irritated. “We represent the Nine and can accept any message you may have for him” and held out an open palm. They locked eyes

“Enough of this” snapped the other Gray Mage, starting a series of hand movements designed to cast a spell of holding on Galdren. “We need this information and you will share it!” Galdren acted quickly.

  • Run from the room 25%
  • Punch the caster 50%
  • Attack with fire 25%

He stepped forward quickly, snapping his fist into the Mage’s face, interrupting his casting. Dashing to the door, Galdren grabbed the Acolyte roughly and twisted her arm behind her back. Calling on his Dark Aspect, his eyes turned black and his voice boomed. ‘Enough!’.

Both Magi froze. ‘Attempt to hold me again and I will destroy you both’. ‘Mancer, you do not understand’ said the second Mage. Barton is dead some four months. Assassinated. Likely in anticipation of this moment. We must have the missive from you immediately if we are to act.’

  • Trust the Mage 63.6%
  • Do not trust the Mage 36.4%

Galdren’s black eyes narrowed. “Who. Who killed him.”

“That we don’t know” cringed the mage through gritted teeth, holding his nose.

The other Mage looked him in the eye and Galdren let go of the Acolyte. “Before our brother died he left a message of his own for us.”

“He knew about important message was coming and he knew he could die for it. He only trusted us two. Now you must trust us also”.

Slowly, Galdren’s hand went into a pocket on the inside of his coat. His hand emerged holding a black mirrored disk the size of his palm.

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