Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Intervention of the Divine

The High-Mancer Serabel’s feet touched down softly on the marble floor of the summoning room, her eyes glowing golden from the power rushing through her. She had captured a High Angel in order to gain insight into Galdren’s whereabouts. The angelic chimes still hung in the air.

A small frown touched the edges of Serabel’s eyes before her face returned to a smooth serene. She rang a small bell and a novice Mancer in white robes answered the call. She smiled and gave her order.

“Call a meeting with…”

  • the Dark Mancer Arkath 0%
  • the Light Mancer Arkath 100%

Light Mancer Arkath arrived at the summoning room some 20 minutes later.

“Galdren appears to have gone in a different direction than expected” said Serabel dryly. “Your divination was wrong”

“My Lady, such is the way with Shadow Mancers, as you know… their paths are clouded”

“You state the obvious, Arkath. Much depended upon our steering of events. That message must be delivered to the Metrist but now the Gray will interfere.” Serabel’s clipped tone failed to cover her fury. “You overestimated Galdren’s sense of purpose”.

Arkath winced.

  • Give Arkath new orders 0%
  • Punish Arkath first 100%

Serabel’s eyes narrowed and shone as she cast a Judgement on Arkath. He collapsed to his knees with an intense crippling guilt, tears streaming down his face.

“Please, forgive me” he whispered.

Serabel’s eyes returned to normal and Arkath panted as the Judgment passed.

“You will take another with you and track down Galdren. You will take his message and will arrange for it to reach the Metrist. The Metrist will not see our hand. It is imperative. Do not fail.”

Arkath wiped the last of his tears from his cheek and nodded. He’d take…

  • a Paladin 57%
  • a Light Mancer 14%
  • nobody. He’d do it alone. 29%

An hour later, Arkath delivered order papers to the Paladin’s Chapel, requesting a Paladin of Light to aid him in his mission. The orders specified that the Paladin be ready at the stables for noon.

Arkath summoned a Throne, one of the Many-Eyed angels, to seek out Galdren.

The Throne entered the material plane and swept out of the tower on wings the sound of rushing water. Arkath, linked to the Angel, felt a pull to the North.

Noon fast approaching, he headed to the stable to meet his new travel companion.

  • Deralyn, a female Paladin 78%
  • Jarl, a male Paladin 22%

Outside the stable, holding the reins of a grey stallion, was a tall brunette Paladin dressed in shining silver armour and ready for travel.

“Light Mancer” she nodded. “I’m Deralyn of the Sixth Order”, providing her rank.

Arkath smiled. Quite powerful, then.

“We travel North with haste” he told her. Leaning towards her, he pressed his thumb against her forehead, his eyes flashing.

Her vision blurred for a moment as Arkath’s link to the Throne was shared with her. She nodded, seriously.

“Let’s ride”.

The Gray Mage turned the black disc around in his hand, examining it closely. “A psychic message. Curious. And you say you don’t know who it was meant for?”

“No” said Galdren. “Truly, I’m unsure of its origin. My attempts to call for insight have come to nothing.”

“Someone powerful, then” mused the Gray Mage. “This needs an Arcane trigger”, indicating the disc. “But who should receive the message? Very curious.”

“All I know is that the message a vital. And valuable. Very valuable.”

“You decide, Galdren.”

  • “I’ll take the message” 86%
  • “You take the message” 14%
  • “Let’s find the recipient” 0%

Galdren hesitated just a moment. He still didn’t wholly trust the Magi.

“I’ll read the message. I can then decide who to pass it on to.”

“So be it” said the Gray Mage to the right. Galdren thought he heard a hint of disappointment. “We need to research the correct forms”

The other Mage said “this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. You should go rest for a time”.

Galdren saw the young female Acolyte with her back to the wall step forward, eager to be out of the room, ready to lead him away.

He nodded and said

  • I’ll take a short rest 25%
  • I’d like a meal 25%
  • I’ll wait in the gardens 50%

The Gray Mage gestured to the Acolyte. “Take the Mancer to the gardens until we call for him again.”

“Follow me, sir” said the Acolyte and she turned away.

After a few twists and turns they entered a large garden surrounded by a high stone wall. Galdren sat on a stone bench.

The Mancer breathed in the scent of herbs & flowers in the dimming light for some time, resting patiently, awaiting his summons.

Suddenly to the South he felt a presence. Accompanied by the sound of rushing water, a bright streak of light approached. A Throne. Looking for him.

  • Attempt to capture it 17%
  • Attempt to command it 67%
  • Attack it with Demon Fire 16%

His eyes darted to the sky & he grasped his clear quartz Phylactery but then shook his head, recognising that the Angel was too senior to be captured by someone of his strength. Instead he attuned himself to the Light and his eyes shone a strong golden white and his voice chimed.

The commanding tone carried a great distance on both the material and Celestial planes of existence.

  • “Turn back” 13%
  • “Turn East” 50%
  • “Stand your ground” 25%
  • “Answer my questions” 12%

“Turn East” he intoned. The words reverberated, leaving a tinkling sound like falling glass at the edge of hearing. His eyes narrowed with strain as the Throne clearly attempted to resist the command. Clearly a Mancer of strength had summoned the Angel – one beyond his calling.

The Angel slowed in the sky and suddenly veered to the East, although at about half the speed with which it had approached.

Galdren knew he had to move. He left the gardens, grabbed the nearest Acolyte, and made his way back to the two Magi and confronted them.

  • “We must leave now. Come” 33%
  • “Give me the disc” 0%
  • “Show me the message” 67%

“But Mancer, the preparations are not complete. There is no telling how complete the message will be”

“So be it” growled Galdren. “There are schemes afoot and there is no time to find others who can activate the disc”.

Both Magi shared a look and the older one nodded.

He placed the disc onto Galdren’s forehead where is stayed. He then closed his eyes, centering himself befor raising his hand in a series of gestures. Purple lines of arcane energy hung in the air briefly with each motion.

Galdren gasped as the message was revealed.

Something was wrong. The images projected into his mind were too vivid. Not just an impression but a compulsion. The disc wasn’t a message – it contained orders!

He saw a face. A young girl. Kill the girl.

He felt a pull. A need. A desperate need to find the girl and kill her.

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