• Arkath, Light Mancer – a mid-ranking Light Mancer


  • Barton – one of the Gray Magi Council of Nine
  • Birth, High Mancer – the most senior Shadow Mancer


  • Clarine – Professor at the University of Harn. Lover and companion of Anna, the Librarian.


  • Dark Mancer – Mancers attuned to the Lower Planes, capable of trapping demons and channeling magics derived from the Dark
  • Deralyn – a powerful female Paladin of the Light


  • Eden, The Tracker – Leader of a group of trackers from the City of Tor. Trackers have pet foxes that enhance their abilities.


  • Fin – trainee fighter in Dabna, capital city of Darak. One half of a fight-pair with Jason.


  • Galdren – a powerful Shadow Mancer
  • Gray Magi – an order of arcane wizards based in the land of Vergis.



  • Inquestors of Dabna – a group expert in the extraction of information from people. They have a world-wide reputation.


  • Jason – trainee fighter in Dabna, capital city of Darak. One half of a fight-pair with Fin.
  • Jasper – Librarian based in the Mance, the home of the Shadow Mancers on Lake Summons, Cheross


  • Kasta – a highly skilled artisan enchantress from the town of Retham


  • Lester – A senior professor at the University of Harn, mentor to Anna, The Librarian.
  • Librarians – A society of arcane scholors around the world, safeguarding the world’s knowledge.
  • Librarian, The (Anna) – a powerful arcane sorceress responsible for managing an extensive collection of books. Trained in Harn, capital city of Vrin. Her name is Anna.
  • Light Mancer – Mancers attuned to the Divine, capable of trapping beings of the angelic plane and using magic derived from the Light
  • Lil – trainee fighter in Dabna, capital city of Darak. One half of a fight-pair with Lisa.
  • Lisa – trainee fighter in Dabna, capital city of Darak. One half of a fight-pair with Lil.


  • Mancer – a person capable of summoning either demonic or angelic powers. Mancers are either attuned to Light / Divine powers or Dark / Abyssal powers. Some rare individuals can use both Light and Dark powers, known as Shadow Mancers.
  • Michael – younger brother of Kasta the artisan enchantress
  • Metrist – an order of assassins serving the Kingdom of Darak



  • Orders of Angels – The Celestial Hierarchy, made up of 12 groups. In order of seniority, from highest order to lowest; Seraphim, Cherubim, Hashmallim (Thrones), Dominations, Powers, Virtues, Principalities, Archangels, Angels, Innocents, Martyrs and Confessors.


  • Paladin – warriors wielding weapons, shields and armour infused with angelic or demonic essences. Often granted certain powers by their equipment.
  • Phylactery – a magic or psychic vessel used by Mancers to capture the essence of angels or demons. This essense is used to cast different magics depending on the essence captured.


  • Queen of Tor – Selayne’s aunt. She has a crystal falcon as her pet.


  • Rela, High Mancer – the most senior Dark Mancer


  • Selayne – A teenage girl whose Aunt gifted her two crystalline pets; a blue cat and a golden spider
  • Serabel, High Mancer – the most senior Light Mancer
  • Serpentine, The – a mercenary cult of Diviners, selling information. But not always for money. Based in the City of Chrysa, Cheross.
  • Shadow Mancer – Mancers capable of attuning themselves to both divine and abyssal powers.
  • Sondennath, The Hunter – One of the Seven, a group of powerful, evil demons. Sondennath is Lord of the Second Ring in the Seventh Circle; sometimes known as the Pathless Wood.
  • Star Child – a child that falls from the Portal in the sky. Historically has led to great upheval.


  • Tamiel – a fallen angel, one of the Seven Ischin, teacher of Universal Mechanics and one of the intelligencies of the Fourth Altitude. Linked with Shadow Mancers due to its celestial and demonic duality.
  • Thrones – the Third Order of angels, also known as Hashmallim. Sometimes know as Wheels or The Many-Eyed Ones. Often deployed as scouts and seekers by Mancers attuned to the Light.







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